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Graphics, OMGZ give us new ones

So here is a great picture of someone counting pixels, I don’t agree with the analysis really, and well I don’t believe in counting pixels myself. Honestly Diablo 2 still looks beautiful, pixels and all.

The guy who made this picture said he “refused to play because of graphics.”

I say grow up.
Gameplay > Graphics (this is what Diablo is known for)

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Diablo 3 BETA Spoilers

This is a video of T2DarLanTan who says he

a. Has cancer

b. Called make-a-wish

c. Got Diablo 3 earlier

d. He got to give his input AND design a town

e. This is all according to his ‘word’

f. We have no realz proof



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Another Possible Blizzard Easter Egg?


 It appears to be a clear face when it fades away.

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Diablo III Interview with Executive VP

Dan Pardo is interviewed at Gamespot, all about Diablo III. See it HERE


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A Diablo III Interview Overlooked

Joystiq Chats With Jay Wilson On Diablo

Do you have any plans for Diablo on consoles?
We don’t have any plans.

Are there an plans for mobile or any other platforms, or is it purely PC/Mac?
Right now we’re just focused on PC/Mac. I believe we’ve got people who are focused on mobile stuff and I’m sure we’re going to be having conversations with them on some point on what we can do, but in terms of taking Diablo 3 as a game to mobile … I doubt it.

Looking at the gameplay footage, Diablo 3 looks very similar to Diablo 2. What are you doing to differentiate it from Diablo 2?

We’re trying to balance satisfying the fans and also creating a game that feels like our own. A lot of the stuff that we’ve done already, that we’ve shown today, from a gameplay standpoint makes it play dramatically different and better than Diablo 2. The health system, monster design, environment interaction, being able to put scripted events anywhere in the world… those all have big impacts. I can say we have a lot of other features that we’re gong to talk about over the coming months, some of which are pretty big.

There is some other stuff that I think may have a bigger exclamation point in terms of diversification. But we felt if we take this game and did these improvements, we’d actually have a better game. Because when you get right down to it, it plays. It plays better.

You mentioned earlier that Diablo 3 would be playable online with but there would be some improvements coming to Can you say anything about what improvements might be coming? [Ed: See WoW Insider’s liveblog of the Worldwide Invitational’s opening ceremony for full notes on Jay’s presentation]

No, I can’t. I’ll give your our goal, which is that we really focus on online service and online experience as one of our top priorities at Blizzard. We want to provide the best online experience you can get anywhere. People will really get their first taste of the next version of with Starcraft 2. And I don’t want to steal their thunder. We’ll be focusing on getting players together easily, matchmaking will be a big part.

Is there a reason you decided to go with a model instead of an MMO model?

The simplest reason is that’s the game we wanted to play. A lot of the time that’s how we make our decisions at Blizzard — as gamers and fans, because we like our games too. So what we really want is … a game kind of like Diablo 2 but better. And we feel like the genre … some genres have a lot of progression in them. With RPGs and FPSs you get a ton of them! But this genre has not had a ton of games in it. So we felt like there’s still so much to say here. And there’s so much to say on the WoW side for MMOs, but we’ve got that and don’t necessarily need another one right away.

So we felt like it was really important to do the true Diablo sequel. As players, that’s just what we wanted to play.

How did you wind up working on the Diablo project?

Well, I was working at Relic Entertainment. I started on RTSs originally and I interviewed at Blizzard … I was actually very happy at Relic, but I had friends who had moved to Blizzard and they got me an interview. I was like, “Cool, Rob Pardo! I get to be interviewed by him and he’s an idol of mine!” For me, it was just a cool experience to be able to talk to Rob for an hour. And we continued to talk and I went to the first BlizzCon [October 2005] and they just talked me into it. Essentially, I’ve always been a huge fan of Blizzard and it just felt like a natural fit.

Did you feel like possibly working on Starcraft 2 from you background in Dawn of War? Is it that you just wanted a change?

How do you not say yes to Diablo 3? Starcraft 2 was really appealing, but I’d made a few RTSs and I’d made RTSs that were trying to be different than Starcraft, with some similarities. We already had Dustin [Browder, lead designer for Starcraft 2] and that guy’s way smarter than me. So it seemed like a good place … and there was no way I was going to say no. That’s the chance of a lifetime.

Have you noticed any difference from working on FPS/RTSs and moving into this more hack-n-slash genre?

What’s funny is I started in FPSs, the first five years of my career, and moved to RTSs. What’s interesting is the actual math, stat-oriented nature of an RTS actually blends nicely into a game like Diablo. And a lot of the action elements of an FPS blend nicely with Diablo. So I kind of felt like my background was custom designed. It’s not like I could have worked on all of those Diablo clones out there because there just weren’t very many of them. So while it doesn’t seem like the obvious path, it’s really been a good set of skills for this project.

Can you tell us anything about how far into development the project is or when we might see more of the game?

I think with any other company that might be a question someone could answer, but it’s really hard to answer with a Blizzard game because we don’t look at it as a linear scale. We could look at it and say we’re this percent complete, but the last whatever percentage could take ten times longer than the previous, depending on how much iteration it requires. I can say we have a game we love to play. That’s always the first goal. We’re really happy with the art style and a lot of what we’re doing right now is trying to build all the content and make decisions about the vast number of systems needed.

In terms of the engine and its current state, where do you see the maximum number of co-op joint players? 

Right now we support the same number as Diablo 2, which is 8. We can actually do more if we wanted — it’s not a technical problem, it’s a gameplay issue. What we’ve found is that the game is actually better with a smaller number of players, even smaller than 8. When we play, we have the most fun with about 4 — and that’s because of the camera and the nature of the game. So we’re gearing towards that and really trying to encourage that. But whether we enforce it or not [with a strict limit on the number of players] … it’s hard for us to say at this point.

Will you get the same number of monsters with 8 players as you would with 4 players?

We don’t change the number of monsters that spawn. That way we can make sure that even if you’re playing by yourself, you can still have a crazy giant pile of monsters to fight. So no, we play with difficulty in other ways.

You mentioned two classes today … can you tell us how many you plan to have in the final game?

No. Several more, but I can’t tell you precisely. [Ed: The FAQ currently lists the number at 5.]

From a lore perspective, when is the game set? [Ed: Warning, spoilers below if you haven’t played through Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction!]

It’s about 20 years after Lord of Destruction. Essentially since then, if you’re familiar with the lore, Tyreal destroyed the worldstone and the general consensus was that this was going to be the big Hell invasion because the worldstone’s keeping everything back. And essentially that invasion never happened and one of the many questions is … why? And we aren’t going to answer that today, but that’s what the story addresses. What’s happened to Tyreal since then? What’s happened to Deckard Cain? 

We bring back a lot of characters, not just from Diablo 2 but Diablo 1 as well. We’re also bringing back some characters in kind of unconventional ways. For example, the barbarian we showed today is actually meant to be the same barbarian from Diablo 2. So we’re planning on doing a lot of cool stuff to make a richer storyline.

Is there a chance of another Deckard Cain Rap?

I think that Michael Gough, the actor who plays Deckard Cain, is up for it. But no promises!

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times already today, but is there a cow level?

Secret cow level? Secret! I will say that we think the idea of putting secrets and things into the game is really cool. That doesn’t mean it’s going be in the game, though!

From playing earlier Diablo titles … did you ever dupe to get items?

I never did. I knew people who did. Something in Diablo 3: our new is a lot more secure. We’ve learned a lot since Diablo 2. With the amount of experience we got from Diablo 2 and the amount of experience we’ve gotten from WoW, we feel like we should be able to make it very secure. 

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Smiling Runes in Diablo 3?

Sooo what is with the rune images? We know that one of them is a HEL rune.

splash image: ice5andahalf.jpg
We can only assume the 6th image will be shown at WWI.

What has changed?

– Smiley face rune!

– All the other runes are now lit up.
… hopefully to unleash Diablo!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

– What is this?!
It appears southeast of the eyes.

Thanks to Yamuu for writing this up!

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For Those Of You Who Missed..

“Twenty years have passed since the cataclysmic events of Diablo® II. Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal have been defeated, but the Worldstone, which once shielded the world of Sanctuary from the forces of both the High Heavens and the Burning Hells, has been destroyed, and evil once again stirs in Tristram….”

Once again Blizzard Entertainment “tremble” millions of their fans when they unveiled their new game, Diablo III during Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational. They’ve launched the game’s official website (, with information about the places, characters, monsters, and adventures awaiting you upon your return to the world of Sanctuary.


Game Features:

– Explore a fully-realized Sanctuary – the living, breathing gothic fantasy world of Diablo III rendered in gorgeous 3D.

–  Battle the unholy forces of the Burning Hells with all-new character classes like the otherworldly Witch Doctor, or with re-imagined warriors from Diablo’s past: such as the fierce Barbarian.

– Rain Hell on your enemies wielding the interactive environment as a weapon: lay cunning traps, turn destructible objects against your foes, and use environmental obstacles to your advantage – all powered by the Havoc physics system.

– Experience the intensity of multiplayer Diablo III over an all-new, wickedly-enhanced platform with numerous enhancements to make connecting with your friends easier – and cooperative gameplay more fun. (nope, not a “World of Diablo”)


Seems that Diablo 3 are more violent than before, with blood splashing everywhere Currently there are two character classes that already revealed in the official website; 

the barbarians; those near-legendary, immense, relentless, dual-wielding furies of combat dwelling upon their sacred Mount Arreat. Updated skills: Cleave, Ground Stomp, Leap, Seismic Slam, Whirlwind


the witch doctor; He dispatched his opponent with terrifying precision, assaulting his victim’s mind and body with elixirs and powders that evoked fires, explosions, and poisonous spirits. As if these assaults were not enough, the witch doctor also had at his command the ability to summon undead creatures from the netherworld to rend the flesh from his enemy’s body (sounds lika a necromancer for me). Updated skills: Firebomb, Horrify, Locust Swarm, Mass Confusion and Soul Harvest

 WEitch Doctor


Updated places:


New Tristram:

Diablo won’t be a “Diablo” if there is no Tristram. This place is already exist since the first Diablo came out when the journey into the Hell began here, until the destruction of Tristram at the beginning of Diablo II. This is the place where Deckard Cain is originally from.

 Screenshot of Tristram



Caldeum was once the proudest city in all of Kehjistan, the trade capital of the entire world. Caldeum was never seen as the heart of the empire, even though it rivaled Viz-jun, and later Kurast, in size, and those who called Caldeum their home liked it that way. Even when the Mage Clan Wars erupted, the battles were never tolerated to affect trade in Caldeum, for while politics and magic may be important, trifling with trade is a serious matter. Let Kurast see itself as the center of the world, they would say. We’ll keep our free exchange of goods, currency, and ideas, thank you very much.

Concept Art of Caldeum

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Epic Diablo Player

People wanted to see screen shot from panel tonight so here it is.

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Tyreal Speculation..? New DIII News?

Enlarge HERE

That is the meteor that strikes the church that the girl is in. 

Tyreal is in the meteor. That is inside the church.



EDIT: Note that on Tyreal is standing in that church he crashes in to in the screen.


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Another Take on “Darker” Diablo


Image sharpened, slight change in colour, slight darkening.

Same as above, but darker.

Darker still.

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