Posted by: ReelTime | June 30, 2008

Petition Movement! More Graphic Changes (All)

Hmm… looks like people want changes do you?

If you do, then sign the PETITION!

Well here are some interpretations on “how things SHOULD look”

What do you guys think?

Light radius / Shadow:

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  1. I don’t like what is being done to the graphics of the Diablo series. It looks hideous, like a Warcraft expansion or something. It makes me so angry I want to kill orphans. Please consider bringing back the gothicness of the first and second games. I’d hate to see a level like The Durance of Hate look like a McDonald’s play place.

  2. the outside like i have no problem with but make the places indoors darker

  3. It looks cool. but not ALL the place have to be darker. the outside pic looks very cool as it Before, and the fourth pic look better like before too. so its something you have to view in all perspectives..

  4. I like your rehashes, adds a lot of character to an otherwise cartoonish look. Sadly that’s Blizzards style these days, and certainly it’s going to appeal to fans of it.

    I’ll need to wait to see what kind of wiggle room we’re given via the options. All and all it’s nothing you can’t tweak yourself by creating a profile soley for this game via your graphic settings.

  5. The textures look like they are being ran on the WoW/Warcraft engine. They need to completly do away with that

  6. The worst idea in the history of bad ideas.

  7. Blizzard…

    Keep Diablo brutal – or don’t make it!

    The demonic essence of this game is the reason why people play this vr other hack/slash games.

    That & the lewts!! =D

    It’s look fantastic so far, and as a long time player (since the opening of D1) I’m truely excited to see how this game is going to evolve!!


    – Nate.

  8. Wow, that editing is the sex. Especially the pic with the Barb on the bridge where the edited pic has the rain and dark effect. Gives me the fucking chills! I fucking love it! If you look at it, the background, statue, and dead bodies are looking pretty creepy compared to the real picture where the statue is not even noticed or seen as something freaky, and its environment doesn’t give any sense of chills. Also the dead creatures look Guild Wars monsters in the real D3 image. LOL WTF!

    From looking at the original D3 graphic images carefully, I do see the ‘happy look’ people are keep talking about. At first I haven’t noticed anything wrong watching the gameplay video from the extreme excitement I had, but I did notice something was awkward; it was probably because it is somewhat WoW look a like or Guild Wars like graphic which brought a sense of hope, joy, and happiness. They did state this is a horror game correct?

    Okay… it is still too early to determine how the graphics should be, but from studying these images, one can CLEARLY see the real D3 images are a bit too friendly atmosphere with slightly cartoony looking graphics. I guess we’ll have to wait and see more upcoming updates on gameplay footage.

  9. I would love it if it were changed.

    As much as I love WoW in my Diablo, I’ll have to voice my pissed off-ness(?) to Blizzard for they’re fail.

  10. Yea, I miss the dark graphics

    I watched an interview and they said they want it to be “emotionally gothic instead”


  11. Sorry, but a lot of people are complaining and bitching about the game when only .1% of it has been revealed. Please be a little bit more patient until they reveal more stuff, then you can make a stupid petition. If your a true Diablo fan then you wouldn’t be whining this early. The game looks fine to me, excellent actually.

  12. DIABLO should not become Warcraft.

  13. I completely agree with these pictures shown. Diablo is a gothic dreamworld, must have gothic style!

  14. Old diablo series atmosphere is lost,and thats is FACT. Blizz just want to attract more kids and house wifes to the new game,i simply can understand why they dont care about hardcore gamers.For example,that item which heals u automaticaly without any key pres really shows us that bliz considers potential diablo3 gamers as stupid house wifes and lilttle kids,who cant even press buton to use heal potion and find this action being “too difficult”.
    I will be not surprised that there will be no hardcore mod coz its realy unfriendly for house wifes

  15. Well now… I agree and i disagree…. I definately agree that some areas look too shiny and happy, looking like Titan Quest (espescially the outdoor). The blue/green tint in the dungeons I dont like. Characters should get items that emit that kind of light rather than that being the default for the dungeon. The outdoors are ok though, cos there is a day/night cycle no? As long as it doesnt ALL look so nice and clean. What concerns me more though is the over-exagerated size of the weapons and armour as well as the changes to gameplay. It looks a bit too flashy. The ragdoll effects are over-done like ala titan quest. Oh yes and the fact that ALL items take up only one slot in the inventory instead of however many according to its size is completey stoopid.. Anyway, im really excited bout the game, dont get me wrong. and all the people shouting at us to shut up complaining cos its still the alpha stage, What good would it do complaining a few months prior release???

  16. I think the edited screens look much better, especially the last one. If this … “happy look” remains, I won’t buy it. It’s my opinion.

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