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Q&A with Diablo III Developers

Elly was able to liveblog the D3 Q&A session from WWI which commenced after the initial D3 presentation. At this time the live streams had a WoW conference and a War3 demo, so our only report on the D3 Q&A is from her report. (Videos of it will show up later, with any luck.) The following is taken from a series of icqs she sent me, so it’s a bit rough. You’ll get the gist of it, though.

[04:20] Q&A session began
[04:21] videoing it
[04:21] brand new 3d engine
[04:21] not given it a name
[04:21] developed in house
[04:22] been in development
[04:22] for quite a number years
[04:22] about 4 years overall

[04:23] lot of changes planned for new
[04:24] lot of new features for bnet will be introduced for sc2

[04:24] not talking about any competitive gamign features at this time.
[04:24] 8 player games right now but not been nailed down yet
[04:25] will add pvp features but nothing to reveal at this time.

[04:27] loot changed
[04:27] Anything y9ou ssee on the ground is yours
[04:27] no mad dash to grab loot

[04:27] more elaborate improvements to coop
[04:27] not be revelaed yet

[04:27] mac version coming

[04:28] havent’ settled on final number of classes

[04:28] any console version
[04:28] interested but no plans for d3 to be on other platforms

[04:29] did any of the subsequent D2 clones influence D3.
[04:29] just talking about d3 now

[04:29] some more more classes to be added from d2
[04:29] no porting over D2 chars to D3

[04:31] item sales
[04:32] have no defcision on aucgtion house
[04:32] ad-hoc trading like D2 wasn’t the best option for gamers so they want to change thqat
[04:32] but again, no detqails.

[04:32] targeting a length of dev the same as d2 
[04:32] dev team is 55 strong

[04:33] story pics up 20 years after lOD
[04:33] far enough away that the invasion is almost mythical 

[04:34] no information on website display of characters

[04:40] areas – tristram
[04:40] you will travel all over sanctuary.

[04:40] evil penguin
[04:40] he doesn’t know what it was

[04:41] haven’t nailed down eactly what they’ll do with weapons,
[04:41] sockets
[04:41] enchanting

[04:41] afraqid of losing wow fans to D3?
[04:42] no we are not afraid.
[04:42] there is not as big a cross over between the 2 communities as they thought.
[04:42] and if they do cross over, they are still playing blizzard games so they are not concerned.

[04:43] some interaction with the enviromennt
[04:43] basically if it looks as if you should be able to interact with it, you will

[04:43] plans for difficulty structure. not sure if it’ll be the same or different to d2.

[04:43] hardcore
[04:43] he looks confused.
[04:44] um
[04:44] i don’t see a reason why we wouldn’t support it
[04:44] not something we have discussed.

[04:44] will you create physic puzzles
[04:44] don’t expect it
[04:45] expect monster combat the system could handle physics puzzles so you never know.

[04:45] no decision on financial model
[04:46] will aim to simultaneous ship at the same time but can’t say if that will happen in all regions.

[04:48] no decisions on end game.

[04:49] char customization at the beginning?
[04:49] No
[04:49] gender only
[04:50] no difference between genders

[04:50] no info on sys specs
[04:51] usual aim is to make games available to regular spec

[04:51] secret cow level?
[04:51] no comment

[04:51] they will probably change the transportation system
[04:52] want people to get round the world quickly
[04:52] but they don’t think mounts are necessary

[04:53] 3d game, updated graphics, focussing a lot of the improvements to auction. Bit focus on making the class ‘Crazy Cool’
[04:53] big focus on the feel and story.
[04:53] don’t have to read quest text you can grab the text qand shoot off but you can read it, it’s there and will be rich.

[04:53] seasonal events
[04:53] ?
[04:54] that’s a good idea
[04:54] too far out to discuss seasonal events.
[04:55] our aim is to make it a better role playing game.

More to come…

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