Posted by: ReelTime | June 29, 2008

Diablo 3, More About Graphics

Why should Diablo 3 be hand drawn? HERE is why.

“It’s in my humble opinion that Diablo III can’t go 3D and maintain its trademark click to kill feel… it’s hard to imagine such tiny characters on screen in 3D without becoming cartoony. Picture the units in Warcraft 3—there’s a reason that the chunky style works for this world—the eye can identify small units that have large, cylindrical arms and giant blocky weapons. Without the limitations of polygons—current screen resolutions combined with Blizzard’s artistic talent could create a Diablo that we’ve only seen in our mind’s eye, one that is essentially concept art imported directly into the game without the artistically-limiting technical compromises of 3D modeling.”

The clunky models they show on are nothing compared to the awesome concept art they show beside them.

Check out all the Bestiary @ for more examples.

And on the other hand, HERE is an article saying why this will not happen to diablo:

“Imagine hand drawing 30 frames for each of the following: getting hit, casting a spell, attacking, talking, and running and you’ve got just the basics — that doesn’t account for all the different directions the character could be facing, or any of the extra variations of getting hit or casting a spell you might want to include. Doing all that work by hand just to create a look doesn’t make sense when you can emulate that look with much less work using 3D animation tools. Also, there are no sprite-based graphics accelerators to help optimize the drawing of pre-rendered frames, and there’s a finite limit to how quickly data can be brought in through the system.”


Just someone else’s opinion


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