Posted by: ReelTime | June 29, 2008

Diablo 3, How it SHOULD Look +++

Well, as some of you might have noticed, Blizzard changed the art style of the Diablo franchise, they made it cartoonish and less realistic, it dont feel as gothic, dark and evil as the two first games, instead it looks like a cartoon with vivid colors and hand drawn textures, just like World of Warcraft, what im proposing is a change of art style, something more dark, claustrophobic and cryptic, just what Diablo is all about.

Blizzard changed the art style of starcraft 2, it was too cartoonish too, with vivid colors, shields on marines and a lot of other visual elements that made the game look like Warcraft, the community didnt agree with that look and Blizzard accepted their opinion, Diablo 3 is going in the same way so I made 2 pictures to show what Diablo 3 should be about (in my opinion):

And found this one too:

What we can do is just changing the colors but there’s a lot more things (cartoon models, hand drawn textures, humour in the chat with Cane (this isnt Warcraft damn it!), character models that look taken straight away from World of Warcraft and much more), that just dont belong to Diablo, take a look at this statue, for example:

At first sight it would be a statue from World of Warcraft, right? But not, its in Diablo, it’s cute, funny, fluffy, happy and cheerful, we dont want those things in Diablo!

Author: Ultramegazord



  1. Regarding D3, I couldn’t agree more. Diablo should look and feel diabolic. I don’t doubt the gameplay will be fun, though. But really, it’s not the same without the atmosphere.

  2. I completely agree with you.

    With cheerful and more vibrant color look of the current D3, it look like an updated version of Titan Quest.

  3. I do also agree, that Diablo3 should look more morose (dark+scary atmosphere) and remove the “happy” WoW similar stuff.

    Only the candles should keep the original yellow color, else they look like 100Watt light bulbs.

  4. I agree. I haven’t really played computer games since Diablo 2 and I was really looking forward to 3, but after seeing gameplay videos I don’t think I will be buying this one. David said it right, “Diablo should look and feel diabolic.” It did before, and now it just looks like a cartoon.

    The pictures you did are exactly how I would want the game environment to look like. Why is there a blueish tint to everything in the game?

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