Posted by: ReelTime | June 29, 2008

Common Questions about Diablo III

Here are some questions I have seen on the internet or been asked:


OMGzzzz, D3!!!!oneone When will it be release?!?!?!!?oneone

Wow.. slow down now. We just heard about Diablo III on June 28th. Slow down, take a breath, okay keep breathing.. No one knows, not even blizzard. They have been quoted as saying they want to spend as much time as they think is required to put out afunctioning and jaw dropping product as always.

What are the System Requirements for Diablo III?

Look, we don’t even know the release date yet so just hold the phone! It will run on Windows as well as Mac


To play Diablo 2 will you need to install Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 LOD or is it a fresh install?

Good Question! Actually Diablo 3 is a completely new build, we don’t even know the system requirements yet. So the answer is fresh install!

Will Diablo III have games with a cap on players or will they have servers like an MMO?

Well most people online who consider themselves experts on the Diablo series are leaning towards Blizzard keeping the classic Diablo feel of having single ‘games’ to enter. These same people also think the cap will be raised from 8. Maybe like Diablo I > Diablo II it will double. 16 people per game would be a nice increase!

Will Diablo III be pay to play (P2P) or will it be on and be free?

Hard to say! No one really knows the answer to this one yet. Most people speculate that it will be free on a basic level but also have payment options for things like more character slots or special items/events.


Will Diablo III be better than Diablo II?

Diablo II was certainly better than Diablo I. So you tell me what you think! Much, much to early to tell.


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