Posted by: ReelTime | June 29, 2008

A Quick Note From Designers – Diablo 1

Right after you install Diablo 1 this is what you see… How far we have come.
A Quick Note From The Designers

First of all, thank you very much for buying Diablo. We have 
worked hard to create a game that you will want to spend many, 
many hours playing. To further that end, we have added some 
features in Diablo that may not be apparent at first glance.

Diablo is a VERY different play experience depending on which
character class you choose. The tactics and strategies employed 
by the Warrior, for instance, would be sheer folly for a 
Sorcerer to attempt. Many high level items and spells will only 
be useable by certain classes. After you defeat Diablo, try 
another game with a different character class. 

You won’t be disappointed.

Diablo also randomly generates every level of the labyrinth, 
including the rooms, hallways, lights, shrines, fountains, 
cauldrons, pools, special themed areas, treasures and monsters. 
The list just goes on, but what it boils down to is each time you
enter a new level within the labyrinth, you will have new things 
to do and discover.

Finally, Diablo takes on an entirely different feel when you are in
a multiplayer game.  The interaction that occurs, the new
strategies and the difference in how you have to think all make for
a very exciting and very new experience.

Again, thank you for grabbing that Diablo box off of the shelf. 
Always remember: If you think you’ve found everything — you’re

                                            Blizzard Entertainment



  Copyright (c) 1996 BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, All rights reserved

  Diablo and are trademarks and Blizzard Entertainment
          is a trademark of Davidson and Associates, Inc.

            For news and updates visit WWW.BLIZZARD.COM



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