Posted by: ReelTime | July 7, 2008

Someone’s Interpretation of “The Wait”

I do not necessarily agree with this picture in anyway, I just thought it was interesting. So for those people who like to post comments like, “omgz, you are such a toad bag this is the worst idea in the worldzzz.” Well glad you think so, but I did not think of this and I do not necessarily agree with the interpretation.


I’ll stay neutral as always.

 ( As always Click-To-Enlarge )


Posted by: ReelTime | June 30, 2008

Diablo 3 Sigs

Diablo 3 forum signatures! I can take no credit for these. Thanks to .bloody @!

Posted by: ReelTime | June 30, 2008

Firedance Video and Others You May Have Missed

Fire Dance

Host Talk

Intro Speech BY Michael Morhaime

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Petition Movement! More Graphic Changes (All)

Hmm… looks like people want changes do you?

If you do, then sign the PETITION!

Well here are some interpretations on “how things SHOULD look”

What do you guys think?

Light radius / Shadow:

More (Previously Posted)

Posted by: ReelTime | June 30, 2008

Diablo 3 UI Explained – GWeizman

Thanks to GWeizman over at

Posted by: ReelTime | June 30, 2008

Diablo 3 Release Date – On Web?

Uhh so I stumbled across this one just now:

I think this site just wants to get some money NOW, rather than later.

Posted by: ReelTime | June 30, 2008

New Class, or just a Merc? (Screenshot)

So what are these guys really? A new class? I am thinking first sign of mercs!

Posted by: ReelTime | June 30, 2008

D2Danlantan Part 3 and 4



See below (proven fake)… but good imagination D2danlantan😀

Posted by: ReelTime | June 30, 2008

D2Danlantan FAKE! (Screenshots)

This is the exact moment at the end of his edited video. If you go through and watch the gameplay video when he gets to the cultists it is the exact same thing he does later on.

Also Make-a-wish doesn’t help 29 year olds.

Here is the screen shot of right before he “pauses”. This is the last guy he kills and goes up towards the stairs and hits pause. Very easy video editing if you know what you are doing.

Posted by: ReelTime | June 30, 2008

“Shipping Simultaneouslyon Mac”

Have been emailed a few times about this, decided to make a post dedicated to the other Mac users

The Diablo 3 FAQ is being hammered at the moment (we couldn’t imagine why), but just in case you were worried, Blizzard assures us that the game will work on Apple computers. So sayeth the website: “As with all of Blizzard Entertainment’s recent releases, Diablo 3 will ship for both Windows and Mac simultaneously.” As for whether your Mac will be able to run the game, that’s an as-of-yet unanswered query.

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